Tourism professionals at Convention and Visitors Bureaus – CVBs (or Destination Marketing Organizations – DMOs) are implementing some innovative programs to increase visitation in their destinations. We call them Tourism Best Practices.

ft-worth-visitor-centerFort Worth Prepares To Unveil Newly Renovated Visitor Center

The city unveils the newly renovated Main Street Visitor Center in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square.

New Downtown Albany Kiosks Helping Point the Way for Visitors

Waist-high electronic kiosks have a digital touch screen for users to navigate through the tourism information loaded on them.

Cincinnati Tourism Industry to Combat Skills Gap

Cincinnati’s regional tourism bureau has helped launch a new leadership program to help prepare youth and young adults for careers in the travel and hospitality sector.

Topeka CVB has Events Planned for Hunters

The Convention and Visitors Bureau will hold a series of “meet and greets” at the airport to welcome hunters to the area.

Telling Philadelphia’s story to China

Feature outlines Philadelphia’s attempts to attract the Chinese visitor – attempts that are paying off!

While not a DMO, this is a great story on how an historic museum has updated their technology: Colonial Williamsburg Modernizes Tourism with Mobile Reservations and Integrated GPS

The museum has unveiled a new mobile companion application, complete with mapping, reservation-making and a camera filter.

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