Social media is ever changing and marketing professionals are always looking to keep up with those changes and the trends in the various platforms. Here’s 20 social media trends and tools for 2016:

5 Key Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

While we all expect certain platforms to introduce certain updates, it’s arguably more important to understand the wider context behind such changes, the implications of those specific updates in a wider sense.

Social Media Trends 2016

We expect to see improvements when it comes to the accuracy of measurement capabilities, the integration of tracking paid performance, and refining clunky or overwhelming U/X issues. Additionally, the following five trends will continue to drive best-in-class social media marketing.

6 Indispensable Social Tools for 2016

Utilizing tools to help you manage your social media accounts will make the whole process significantly more streamlined and free up your day for other important tasks like growing your business and coming up with great ideas.

Creative Tips & Tricks For Social Media Marketing in 2016

A creative refresh is mandatory for keeping social and mobile audiences on their toes, but constantly coming up with new ideas isn’t easy. To help kickstart your creativity in the new year, we’ve scraped the Internet for some outside the box approaches to digital advertising.

And just when you thought you were getting a good grasp of all the social media outlets…

Social Media Sites You’ll Be Seeing More of In 2016

Along with new entries into the field, old standbys like Facebook and Twitter face the need to keep innovating to stay competitive. Read on to find out what you’re likely to see on the ever-evolving social media front in the year ahead.

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