This is the year you are going to improve your marketing. This is the year that every initiative is going to yield high ROIs. This is the year you are going to know which half of your marketing works!

Marketing Plan Book Shows Promotion Strategy Report

Well, to help you, we’ve assembled 42 marketing tips, blogs, and strategies to consider:

10 Ways To Simplify Your Local Marketing Strategy in 2016

Looking back at lessons learned last year and expected trends for this year, columnist Wesley Young cuts through the clutter and suggests ways to make your marketing strategy simpler, clearer and easier to execute.

10 Actionable Marketing Blog Posts You Missed in 2015

We’ve selected the crème de la crème — posts that are the exact remedy to get your brain stimulated and on track to produce smart marketing ideas for 2016. Here are 10 of our favorites posts that will help you step up your marketing game in the new year.

16 Marketing Resources to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

It’s never too late to improve upon your strategy. We’ve pulled together 16 of the best resources to help you make 2016 your best year ever, whether you want to focus on personal development or business-wide endeavors.

What Are the Ingredients of a Successful Marketing Plan?

While there are many components to a successful marketing plan, here are six aspects to consider.

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