You have a goal to post on Facebook everyday, but wow! 260 ideas!? Invariably one of two things happen. After a period of consistent posting, the page goes quiet. You’re reminded to post something but instead of daily, it’s once a week or so.

The other possibility is you “do the easy” and post a product. Then another product. Another product. Another. And the page becomes sell, sell, sell. That turns off those that like the page and engagement drops.

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With a little planning and enough ideas, you can mix up your posts. We teach the 70/20/10 rule when it comes to your social media post variety. 70% of posts should be entertaining or educational. 20% should sell something. 10% should be personal. With that rule in mind, here’s 21 creative Facebook post ideas:

  1. Helpful Tips to Save Time. Can your customer order ahead online and pick-up at the store? Do you deliver?
  2. Helpful Tips to Save Money. Yes, discounts, but consider 10 tips to save money on insurance. 12 tips to keep your house cool in summer reducing energy bill – one for each week of summer.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions. Store hours. Parking. Admission rates. Bring in our own food? Group discounts? What are the questions customers are frequently asking?
  4. Customer Testimonials. Try to include a picture of the customer.
  5. Customer Picks. What the popular purchases this week or this month?
  6. Customer of the Week. Feature their picture of your product.
  7. Employees. And include a personal tid-bit of information. Favorite movie. Hobby customers won’t know about. Special certifications.
  8. Local Events. If you are tied to the arts, promote other art events. Especially post about events if you are a sponsor or if you will be in attendance.
  9. Trivia. Keep it related to your industry. Dentist? Ask “how many toothbrushes are sold each year?”
  10. Articles. Keep them related to your industry. A house inspector posts articles on home decor, landscaping, and how to make your home pet friendly.
  11. Behind-The-Scene-Shots. The winery make chocolate covered wine bottles? Show the steps in preparing the special gifts.
  12. Special Holidays. Not just Christmas, Easter and the start of school. Swim A Lap Day. Sunglasses Day. Take a Dog to Work Day. Find those fun “holidays” at
  13. Ask About Decisions. Which sandwich should we add to the menu? Should we offer different hours? Which artist should we have an exhibit for?
  14. Questions and Fill-In-The-Blank. Keep these fun. Best hamburger in Anywheresville? Best restaurant with a patio? Do you believe State will be a good team this year?
  15. Inspiring Quotes. Whether spiritual, business inspiration, or general, people always love the warm-fuzzy of an inspiring quote.
  16. Pictures of Your Product In Use. A local T-shirt outlet frequently shares pics of Okies wearing their shirts.  Another twist to this is before and after pictures. The house before the wood floors. And after!
  17. Old blogs. Start with “ICYMI” (In Case You Missed It) or lead with “(this recent event) reminded us of when we wrote about…” You CAN share old blogs if they are ‘evergreen.’
  18. Flashbacks. #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) or #FlashbackFriday. The older or sillier the picture / memory, the better.
  19. Your Hobby. Just finish a marathon? Catch a record number of fish? Skydive? Refurnish furniture? Share a little bit about yourself. Share what you do when you’re not at the office.
  20. Recommend Someone Else to Follow. Promote the other shops Downtown. Or other restaurants… “we know you’re not always craving a sandwich, so dine at one of these other restaurants in “West BTY-ville District.”
  21. Support a Cause. A portion of your receipts for the evening go to a local charity. Do a canned food drive. Simply ask for donations. If you’re behind a cause, get your customers behind a cause.

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