“Can we chat about Facebook?”

A local restaurant owner asked me to talk Facebook and marketing in general. Of course I would! I travel all over speaking about social media. Here’s the opportunity to chat about it here at home with a friend. Besides, he serves one of my favorite sandwiches. This was an opportunity to grab a favorite meal and help a local restaurant recoup some lost earnings.

I found myself listening more that sharing. He was so refreshing and positive. I found I had a second appetite that I couldn’t sate!

Of course being closed for nearly 8 weeks now has severely slashed his earnings, but instead of wallowing in despair or blaming anyone, he was delighted. “This is an opportunity to grow my business!”

Wait! What!?

“I’ve been meaning to paint this place for two years! I’m finally getting to it!”

The pandemic has forced him to change business practices for the good. “I never had online ordering. Now I do! Our take-out process was inefficient. We were given time to really think through and develop an efficient process. Now we have new processes and if we can even grow our carryout business by 5%, I’m five percent ahead!”

When commenting on the original reason for our meeting, he shared he’s always posted on Facebook but never understood what he was doing. This downtime has given him an opportunity to read, study, and learn Facebook marketing.


“a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

In business, Forbes states, “Often success or failure in business is all about perspective.”

Greg Connolly writes in the Entrepreneur article, Why Growing Your Business Is All About Perspective, a business owner must persevere, persist in the face of setbacks.

Some problems can be daunting and difficult to solve, but I would venture to say few, if any, are impossible. If you become stuck, research the problem until you find solutions. Talk to experts, mentors, employees or anyone who might be able to offer insight. The solution may involve a number of steps but at least you have a clear path you can follow.

Notice nowhere does it coach pity yourself, be miserable, or have sorrow.

Dawn Ellis suggests on Business2Community.com five ways to successfully change your business perspective:

  1. Slow and Steady Wins The Race
  2. Learn From Your Failures
  3. Stop Living In Your Past
  4. Stop Dreading Monday Mornings
  5. Look Ahead and Measure Your Success

I might suggest a 6th.

Ask how this situation is an opportunity to grow your business!

And keep serving that signature sandwich!