Do You Have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

I will be the first to drop everything for an ice cream run. And an impromptu road trip to find the best BBQ? I’m in! But spontaneity with your marketing campaigns? Without a map, our search for BBQ may leave us in the middle of nowhere, out of gas, and eating pizza from a convenience store.

The same for your marketing campaigns. Don’t be stranded wondering why it didn’t work. Develop a solid strategy. For your digital marketing, here’s what one might look like.

Goals & Objectives – Define your goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve from your digital marketing?

Identify Your Customers – Do proper research to find out your customers and audience. Hint: start at your local library for free resources.

Identify Your Competitors – Perform research to find out your competitors. Figure out what’s their strategy towards digital presence.

Decide The Role – Assign the role and decide who will be responsible for which tasks.

SEO & SEM – Perform key word research for on page and off page SEO, paid search ads, and pay-per-click.

Social Media – Select the appropriate channel and plan and optimize your social content.

Content Marketing – Could include blogging, infographics, press releases, forums, articles, videos, podcasting, webinars, documents and LinkedIn

Mobile Marketing – Define the goals and find the right platform(s).

Email Marketing – Grow your contact list. Compose great emails. Get on a schedule.

Measure – For the five strategies above, measure the results. See what works and keep doing better. If something isn’t working, plan an alternative approach.

If you need help with your strategy or your campaigns, feel free to contact us.