Is a mobile app right for my small business or organization?


I talk to business owners every day and almost invariably they fall into a few categories in regards to a mobile app. The most often heard response is they don’t understand how it would benefit them. The second is they tried it three or four years ago and didn’t see the outcome they wanted. The last is that mobile apps are too expensive. While these are understandable responses, I would like to show you how mobile apps can have an impact on your small business or organization.

Let’s start by looking at some of the recent data and facts that is available to us. The one thing that every consumer or customer has in common is they all have a cell phone. In fact, there are 34 million more cell phones than there are people in the United States. What are people doing on these devices?

90% of the time people are on their devices, they are on a mobile app and only 29% of that time is on social media.

What are they doing when they are not on social media? They are spending money and looking for information. Consumers spent $101 billion last year in mobile app purchases, which is two times more than the entire music industry combined. Mobile apps have also become the number one source for information in the United States.

Today there will be 700 million apps downloaded and 1 billion in app store searches.  While website traffic is down, mobile app traffic is at an all time high. This is why if you tried an app 3 or 4 years ago it may not have been as effective as you had hoped. In 2015 there were 25 billion app downloads compared to the 197 billion in 2018. The industry has exploded. The other thing to consider is how technology has evolved.  Look at how cell phones have changed! . No longer do we have 8gb’s of phone storage but we now have 128gb and 256gb phones that allow us to utilize well over 30 different apps a month.

How does this benefit you and your business? When you look at the statistics you can see that 90% of mobile usage time is spent in around 3 million apps, while 10% of time is spent on websites searching through over 2 billion of them. You are quite simply more accessible, more convenient and more relevant if you have a mobile app. Last statistic, I promise; recently the U.S. government predicted that 75% of all e-commerce will happen via mobile app by 2021. That is a little over one year away! If you have not gone mobile, then the question really is not if but when you choose to do so. I truly believe that the early bird will get the worm when it comes to going mobile.

As with any business deal, I saved the money talk for last. The average app can be anywhere from $25,000 to $200,000 depending on the developer and how customized you would like it to be. The problem is, this is still not very reasonable for most small businesses. Fortunately, there are some companies such as, who have come up with a way to make getting a mobile app for a small business possible. At BFAC, using affordable yearly renewals places most of the risk on them to provide a great product and show your business ROI. This is a no lose opportunity for your organization.

Maybe you are one of the businesses I mentioned at the beginning.  Maybe lack of understanding or past experience or price has tricked you into thinking you can’t jump on the mobile revolution.  I know that your business can make additional revenue like many of the large fortune 500 companies have done with their mobile apps.  So, what is stopping you now?

If you want more information on how a mobile app could benefit your business specifically, contact Patrick Byers at 405-413-4956.