Each week, we read a number of articles on email marketing from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Be Human: 10 Email Marketing Tips

At a recent Forum, Michael Barber, Founder, Barber & Hewitt, reminded attendees of some of the basics you should keep in mind for creating a winning B2B email strategy.

Deck The Halls With Email: A Holiday Guide

The article above has suggestions on holiday emailing and social media use from consultant Ryan Pinkham.
The Ultimate Guide To Measuring Email Marketing Success: 12 Key Metrics
Email marketing should be at the center of your e-commerce strategy. But how do you know which key metrics to focus on, and how to measure each? Quit wondering whether you’re judging your email marketing performance with the right metrics — experts clear the air on what, exactly, to start measuring.
Think Outside the Inbox: 6 Email Marketing Ideas That Really Work
It takes continual effort to stand out from the crowd, so once you’ve nailed the basics, it’s time to try something new. The article above has a few ideas to get you started.
7 Common Mistakes Radio Stations Make With Their Email Marketing
Applicable to any industry, many radio stations – and small businesses – make the mistakes in the article above with their email databases. Does yours?
4 Tricks to Boost Your Email Click-Through Rates
The article above takes a look at a few tricks that could help you boost your email click-through rate.
Finally, 119 Facts You Don’t Know About Email Marketing
An infographic shares, well, just what the title says – 119 facts about email marketing you may not know.

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