Each week, we read a number of articles on email marketing from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

8 Ways to Beat Your 2018 Email Goals Right Now

Actionable resources that will help you increase your engagement, fine-tune your email copy and design, and exceed your end of year email goals.

How To Send Email Marketing Campaigns That Stand Out

Learn how in this quick video excerpt from a Getting Started with ActiveCampaign course.

ClickZ’s Guide to Email Marketing Triggered Messages

According to the Data & Marketing Association, triggered messages account for more than three-quarters of email marketing revenue. The article above has five of them.

5 Simple, Easy-to-Write Emails to Boost Your Business’s Sales

Email marketing remains one of the most profitable channels available to businesses. The article above has five simple, easy-to-write emails you can send to your contacts to boost sales.

In addition to the five emails above, use these

Retailers Are Sending The Same Old Emails To The Same Old People: Study

Overall, the study documents that automated engagement emails combined with discounts outperform generic discount emails.

Mistakes to Avoid With Holiday Marketing Emails This Year

As you’re finalizing your holiday marketing emails, make your content stronger than ever by avoiding what annoys people the most! Instead, opt for the best practices in the article above.


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