There is ample opportunity to boost your website’s search engine rankings through a blog. It is one of the DIY SEO tips we recently shared. At minimum, a 250-word blog post should be added each week for maximum optimization (although the optimal length of SEO copywriting is still being debated.) But on top of social media posts, email, sales calls, and the general running of a small business, most are lucky if a blog post is written monthly. Quarterly? Once a year?

Admit it, the hardest part about writing material for your blog is, well, the material! “What do I write about?” Here’s seventeen ideas for you to use the next time you have writer’s block:

Business Blog Post Ideas

  • How Product Used – Pen a ‘how to’ guide to educate your customer on the proper way to use your product.
  • Additional Ways to Use Product – Are there multiple uses for your product? Share other ways clients are using your product. Look how Q-tip promotes their cotton swab for more than cleaning ears.
  • Review a Product or Service – Not your own and certainly not a competitor’s. Could you review a product that compliments yours? “We make great mowers. Here’s our review of 3 trimmers.”
  • FAQs – What are the frequently asked questions in your store, about your product or service? Answer them in a series of posts.
  • Customer Success Stories – Your service or product help a customer make money? Save time? Boast about it through your blog post.
  • Testimonials – Similarly, compile testimonials of your clients and share them.
  • Awards – Your company win an industry award? Your product cited for industry excellence? Brag a bit.
  • Respond to An Article – Add your viewpoint to the discussion by writing about it.
  • Disagree With An Opinion – Try to stir up some controversy (and get traffic) by taking a different opinion on a discussion. Make sure it doesn’t distract from your brand.
  • Share Other Blogs – Are there other blogs you follow? Compile them, share what you like about them, and share them through your blog. (Be sure to let the bloggers know you shared them. They may brag and help generate some traffic!)
  • Trends – Are there industry trends you are seeing? Comment on how you are optimizing them for your customers.
  • Future Plans – Where is your business headed? How is your product evolving? Give a little glimpse into the future. (Not TOO much. Don’t tip off competitors.)
  • Company Milestones – Just sell your 1 millionth widget? Serve your millionth customer? 50 years in business. What’s the history behind hitting the mark?
  • Conference Summary – Perhaps your team attended a conference an you came away with some “a-has” or take-aways. Share them. (That’s how this blog started!)
  • Inspire – Don’t wait for a conference. Write about a speech, quotes, sermon, bible verses, anything that inspires you. Give a “feel-good.”
  • Day In The Life – Without going into too much details, share an hour-by-hour account of a typical day. Be sure to include that food selfie of your lunch!
  • Day In The Life Personal – What are your hobbies? What do you do outside the office? Who are you besides Ms. Business Professional? Share the personal side of you.

What are other ideas? Share below. We’d love to read your blog post inspirations.