In your quest to be number one or even on the first page of Google search results, one of the easiest ways to improve your website’s organic visibility is through a blog. Unfortunately, very few organizations fully capitalize on this SEO tool.

Here are five simple ways your blog can improve your website’s organic visibility, traffic, and results.

SEO Blog Graphic

Create A Creative Name For Your Blog

Just as we encouraged you to create a creative name for your e-newsletter, call your blog anything but “blog.” Your blog and it’s name is an optimization opportunity. Use the title to incorporate important SEO keywords in the blog’s title. (But don’t go nuts and have a 20 word blog title!)

Reach A Different Target Audience With Each Post

If each blog post is written for a specific segment of your target audience, you’ll be able to create content that is optimized for specific customers. The post will contain target keywords related to specific needs and solutions of those specific customers.

Optimize The Blog Content

Recycling is not just good for the environment, it’s also good for SEO! You can optimize existing blog posts. Add internal links to other relevant pages on the website. Link one post to another related post. Add optimized images.

Optimize Images and Videos

Images help create a positive experience. Who wants to view a text only page? Images also provide some SEO value. When you include those images, optimize them with descriptive alt tags. (Include high-priority keyword phrases where appropriate.)

Your videos can find a home in your blog posts as well. If an existing video can enhance a blog post, include it. Videos keep users engaged and allow you to provide additional educational opportunities.

Share Blog Posts on Social Media

Social signals are included in the ranking algorithm, which improve SEO results. Social links help to increase referral traffic. Did we lose you? Let’s just say social traffic to your blog is good. Besides, if it’s a good enough article, you won’t want to share it once and then let the cobwebs set in. Every two months or so, dust it off and share it again.

A blog is a fast and easy way to enhance your website content, and most importantly, improve your SEO results.