We have shared many ideas to increase your email database. (Here and here.) Email marketing shows strong ROI and thus, the more inboxes you reach, the more business you generate.
The issue often isn’t that we’re not asking, it’s what we’re asking them to do – “Sign Up For A Newsletter.” Zzzzzz! No one wants a newsletter. That’s where you need to get creative on naming your newsletter. Here’s 35 ideas to get you started.
Is your newsletter information driven? If the content is going to be industry driven, a more serious name may be in order:
  • The Advisor
  • The Dispatch
  • The Bulletin
  • The Communique
  • The Final Word
If the newsletter is an informal employee piece, consider
  • Our Voices
  • In Touch, In Tune
  • The _____ Company Family Album
  • Information XChange
Perhaps you care to emphasize the frequency of your newsletter. To help identify the campaigns try
  • Quarterly Advisor
  • Monday Morning Quarterback
  • Daily Dispatch
  • Week Ahead
  • Monthly Monitor
You can always have fun and create a title that plays on the industry you are in:
  • Monthly Rider (insurance)
  • Banker’s Note
  • Highlights (beauty)
  • Under The Microscope (medical)
  • Bits and Bites (IT)
  • Front Burner (Food)
  • Keynote (music)
  • Poop From The Group (plumbing)
Perhaps you wish to communicate the value your newsletter offers the reader. These three examples convey that value or that sense of membership in the name. It reinforces the decision to read it.
  • News You Can Use
  • Memo for Busy Moms
  • Faces of Hope (non-profit)
On that note, when encouraging clients or customers to sign up for your email, don’t ask them if they want to get your email. Seriously, who wants more email? But who wouldn’t want
  • Daily (or Monthly) Specials
  • The Insider Scoop
  • The Recipe of the Month
  • (again) News You Can Use
  • Weekly Coupons
  • Daily Discounts
  • Weight Loss Tips
  • Time Saver Tips
  • Leads
  • or __________
What else would you call it besides a “newsletter”? What do you call yours? Comment below and let us know.
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