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12 Steps To Social Media Success

There are 12 steps to social media success. Here they are in hopes of your small business finding success and seeing sales and revenues increase.

More Creative and Engaging Instagram Post Ideas

We get it! Between running a store, keeping up with inventory. Or managing projects in an office, paying bills, staffing, schedules… creativity for social media marketing may be the last thing to come to mind. So you post Erin in a new shirt. Then Erin in a new shirt. Then Erin in a new shirt… Posts begin to look the same. Engagement drops. Enthusiasm towards keeping up with posting drops. Keep the excitement. Keep the engagement with a variety of posts. We’ve shared Instagram post ideas. Facebook ideas – a couple of times. Video ideas. Coming back at you with… Read More »More Creative and Engaging Instagram Post Ideas

Top Marketing Reads of 2020

What were your peers reading in 2020? We count down the Top-10 Most-Read Marketing Blog Posts of 2020.

Most Valuable Marketing Channels

What marketing channels should be your focus? It depends. On which customer journey stage is the strategy focused? Are you building your brand, trying to generate leads, acquire customers, or retain those loyal customers? The marketing channels – while possibly similar – may differ between the stages.

9 Marketing Strategies For a Comeback in 2021

If you’re hanging on and are looking to 2021 to start anew, we’ve identified 9 marketing strategies for you to hit refresh on, commit to, or undertake in 2021 to start strong and launch a comeback.

10 Tips To Set Up A LinkedIn Professional Profile

With more than 575 million users – 40% of which are on the platform daily – LinkedIn can be a valuable tool to help you build your brand, rank your name on Google, demonstrate your knowledge, credibility, and leadership expertise, gain social proof for your skills and talents, and most of all, network, network, network. Here’s 10 tips to set up a LinkedIn professional profile.