We get it! Between running a store, keeping up with inventory. Or managing projects in an office, paying bills, staffing, schedules… creativity for social media marketing may be the last thing to come to mind. So you post Erin in a new shirt. Then Erin in a new shirt. Then Erin in a new shirt…

Posts begin to look the same. Engagement drops. Enthusiasm towards keeping up with posting drops.

Keep the excitement. Keep the engagement with a variety of posts. We’ve shared Instagram post ideas. Facebook ideasa couple of times. Video ideas. Coming back at you with more creative and engaging Instagram post ideas.

Puzzles or Quizzes

Love what this tea shop does!

Instagram Post Idea Puzzle

The question draws you in. Your desire to be right drives you to comment. And to see if you’re indeed correct, you have to “come back tomorrow” when she’ll post the answer to yesterday’s question in todays!

Recurring Challenges

This lady shared 365 Days of Plants! That in itself is a challenge but she’d challenge her followers to try and create the same plant design.

Instagram Post Challenge

If you nailed it, you know you’re commenting and sharing your picture!


…of you product. In this situation, she’s teasing her line of clothes.

Instagram Posts Teaser

You like the teaser top? You’ll be returning to see the rest of the line!

Flash Sales

Retailers have them all the time! 30 – 40 – 50 percent off today only! Have your own flash sale.

Instagram Post Flash Sale

These types of posts / promotions may actually work best in a story. If you haven’t started using stories, this is a great way to start.

Ask Questions

Want to know what products to feature? What lines to sell? What new foods to offer? Ask them!

Instagram Post Questions

I like the simplicity of this! Eye catching with a call-to-action. (Although “Comment Below” is a little difficult to read.)

How Tos

Or Tutorials. You want to sell more scarves? Show different ways to wear scarves or in this case, braid one into your hair.

Instagram Post How To

A customer isn’t going to buy more of your product unless they’re comfortable using it. Make them comfortable. Post tutorials or how tos.


Sometimes you need more than one picture. And sometimes you just don’t believe they’ll scroll through all of them. Hit them with all of them in a collage. An Oklahoma Downtown promoted the restaurant variety with this collage.

Instagram Post CollageYou can also be more artistic with collages like they did.

Definitely eye-catching!

Share A Mistake

You’re human. You’ll make a mistake. Share it. It humanizes your brand.

Instagram Post Mistake

Own a bakery? Show cookies that burned or a cake that fell in. Printing company? Print the return label on the back of the envelope? We’ll get a good laugh out of it with you!

Before And Afters

These aren’t just for weight loss, hair stylists, and home remodels. Show the before and after of your service like this carpet cleaning company.

Instagram Ideas Before and After

With the right styles of images (and the use of hashtags,) you can increase your Instagram engagement, in turn, increasing business.

If you would like us to scan your social media and/or website and offer some feedback, tips, ideas, or praise if you’re rocking it, let us know. Contact us here. Thanks for reading!