What were you and your peers reading in 2020? Always interesting reviewing the top reads of the year. Grateful to see that our thoughts on marketing during the Coronavirus was well received and our plan for a comeback in 2021 is being accessed. Interesting four blog posts repeat on this year’s list. Let’s get into it…

Counting down the Top-10 Most-Read Marketing Blog Posts of 2020.

#10 – Email Marketing Plan for RV Parks – still in the Top 10 and still a surprise, especially due to it being specific to one industry. We wrote it by request for Camp Colorado – the RV association, but with a little tweaking, this can be a plan for any business or industry. (Or access the generic plan HERE.)

#9 – 21 More Creative Facebook Post Ideas – Spoiler Alert! Considering this and another list of Facebook post ideas is on the list, we need to get cracking with more ideas! We’re on it for 2021!

#8 – Social Media Checklist for Instagram – the second repeat from 2019. We have more on Instagram. Here’s 21 Like-driving Images examples. And #BTYTips on using #hashtags.

#7 – Marketing and Business Ahas from #IBS2020 – We manage a home builders association and “had” to to go Vegas to the International Builders Show. After all the business meetings, we took in all the marketing seminars we could. This has all the ‘ahas’ – many which apply to any industry.

#6 – The Fifth P of Destination Marketing – Okay, honestly, this is a huge surprise. Recognizing that politics is so prevalent in destination marketing, six years ago, we shared some thoughts on how Politics is right up there with Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

#5 – “E-Newsletter” Boring! Re-name It! – our third repeat from both 2018 and 2019. We like it! As we say in the article, the last think anyone wants to sign up for is a “newsletter.” Your plumbing company is going to send me “Poop from the Group’? I’m signing up. Get creative!

#4 – 9 Marketing Strategies for a Comeback in 2021 – we identified 9 marketing strategies for you to hit refresh on, commit to, or undertake in 2021 to start strong and launch a comeback. Strap on those boxing gloves! Big comeback in 2021!

#3 – 10 Tips To Set Up A LinkedIn Professional Profile – we get it, the posting is easy. Blogs. Testimonials. Accomplishments. But the profile is hard. Glad our #BTYTips on setting up your LinkedIn Profile was so well received.

#2 – Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Immediate To-dos and Content Strategies – it was THE news for 2020. Coronavirus. It shuttered small businesses overnight and left us wondering what we could do to survive. This was the playbook in March and April.

Before we get to #1, indulge us… it was #13 but one of our favorites this year: Perspective and the Success (or Failure) of Your Business – a conversation with a local restaurateur blew our mind and showed us the key differentiator to surviving this economic crises caused by the pandemic.


#1 – 21 Creative Facebook Post Ideas – Repeating at #1 for the third year in a row! As we wrote above, clearly there is a desire for social media post ideas. We’re on it! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and you’ll see when we post (or tweet) them.

If you have ideas for articles, please share them. We want to be writing about YOUR needs and answering YOUR questions.

Thanks so much for reading! Let the 2021 countdown begin!