Read any basic article on social media marketing and you’ll read the same tips – post regularly, don’t over-sell, use visuals… We know! We scan them regularly. Articles are written about all the scheduling and monitoring tools to help you save time.

Trends are reported and shared after looking through magical social media crystal balls. And helpful columns share the mistakes others have made so we can learn from them.

But are we missing one of – if not THE most important part of social media?

Being social.

Moreover, the engagement. Social media is the new word-of-mouth. If we can get someone to share or retweet, that’s marketing gold! Better yet, when the consumer freely tweets or posts about our product or service. The ‘brand ambassadors’ are doing the selling for us! The fastest way to turn off a brand ambassador though is to not engage with them after they engage with you.

Consider the past few tweets…


I appreciate Carson Wentz’ faith statements with his AO1 shirts he wears. Sure, he’s promoting his foundation, but he’s also showing why he plays. I received one of their shirts for Father’s Day and tagged the foundation. Crickets. Makes me question supporting them and even wearing the shirt.

We visited Arkansas and stopped in one of the many state parks. (Really, you need to visit the Natural State and Devil’s Den.) My tweet was liked by the state tourism office, but the state parks department hasn’t acknowledged it. Yes, it was on a Saturday, but it’s now been four business days since. No one has checked the account at all this week?

Same with the Fayetteville CVB.

And the Denton CVB. They’re visitors center has apparel and promotional items with #Dentioning on them. One would believe that if a visitor uses the hashtag, they would want to show their appreciation. Nope. Nada.

Even major corporations are guilty. Tweeted about Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. Arkansas has it but not Oklahoma. (Someone please tell me why!) Nothing from Dr. Pepper.

End on a positive…

Got some great BBQ in Denton. And way to go Juicy Pig! Not only did you serve up some GREAT pulled pork and ribs, but you engaged with the customer by liking the tweet and responding. Where’s my go-to place for ‘cue in north Texas now?

Make it an every-other-daily task. Log into your account(s) and check Notifications (in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; in Instagram, it’s the ♥ icon.) I just checked both Twitter and Facebook. It took me 30 seconds each. I checked the last week’s worth of tweets using #Dentoning. Took less than 2 minutes.

Three minutes every other day to do the most important task of social media marketing. Engage.

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