The number one app on a smart phone? Email.

91% of people check their email daily.

90% of emails get delivered.

As a result, for every $1 invested in email marketing, there’s a $44 average ROI.

But consumers must open the email in order to realize that high ROI! What determines the reader to open your email? The subject line.

12 Tips Subject Line Graphic

Most people invest a lot of time on the content, graphics, and layout of the email. Very little time or thought is put into the subject line. I share in marketing seminars one community sends their email each week with the same subject line – Community Update. One could easily believe ‘there’s nothing new in the update if there’s not a new subject line.’

What makes for a subject line that is open-worthy?

A Short Subject Line – most research suggests 50 characters. Attention spans are shorter. Devices may clip longer subject lines. And when one is trying to process the average 88 emails per day, they’re scanning the subject lines quickly. Shorter subject lines are easier to scan.

Engaging First Two Words – research has found that people may only look at the first two words of the subject line. Based on those two words, they will consider whether to read on or simply delete the email. Grab the reader with strong two words leading the subject line.

Little Capitalization – ALL CAPS MAY SEEM LIKE AN ATTENTION GETTER, buy you appear to be screaming and can be a real turn off. Use capitalization sparingly. (Same with punctuation. The jury is still out over emojis.)

WIIFM – The reader is asking “what’s in it for me?” when scanning emails. Answer that within your subject line.

Variation – using the same structure over and over can be become boring to the reader. Get creative. (See above.)

The different variations of subject lines include:

Simple and DirectYour Order Has Been Shipped or Church Picnic Saturday. It’s an update or a notification.

FunnyWe Like Being Used or Deals That Make Us Proud. An Oklahoma association shared they got an 80% open rate with the subject line of Contractor Exposes Himself. (It was all about marketing.)

Controversial or RisqueYour Marketing Sucks: Why You Need To Re-think Your Strategy or Show Us Yours and We’ll Show You Ours. If it’s not your brand’s voice though, don’t go there.

Single WordsPanic. Now. Cry. This.

Numbers at the Lead 7 Tips to Lose Weight. 5 Fall Design Ideas. 8 Shocking Moments At The Festival.

QuestionsReady For The Game? Need Last Minute Christmas Gifts? You will think “I’m NOT ready for to host the office’s Super Bowl Party” and “Yes! I forgot cousin Charlie” and open the email.

Fear Of Missing OutEnds This Friday. Last Week. Only Few Remain. It puts a sense of urgency into the reader and the fear of not having what the Jones have.

Spend time and be creative with your subject lines. You will tend to see your open rates increase as well as your sales!

Thanks for reading.