Customer service is at an all-time low and customer satisfaction in dealing with a product or service issue is just as low, about 40 percent. Two of three consumers are likely to experience rage during an interaction with a customer service rep. In addition, 63 percent of consumers are likely to experience no satisfaction whatsoever in dealing with a product or service complaint. For retailers the outcome is not good as it is putting about $202 billion in revenue at stake and can slash consumer repeat business and loyalty to shreds.


To start improving your customer service, perhaps the first step is to re-think the concept. Shep Hyken asks What Makes Good Customer Service

It is our customers’ perceptions that determine if we’ve provided good or bad customer service. 

How do you provide good customer service? 5 best practices for Success in Customer Service

Brand loyalty is important, so how can you earn the loyalty of your customers? How can you establish practices that delight customers so they keep coming back and recommend you to their friends and family? 5 best practices for outstanding customer service.

5 things you can do to provide customers with such a good experience that they will not only continue coming back for future transactions, but will share their positive encounter with friends. 
Real customer service is proactive vs reactive. Three Steps To Transform From Reactive To Proactive Customer Service
Preemptively addressing issues is becoming the new normal in customer service. How is your company doing in this area? The reality is that it can be hard to overcome the reactive service paradigm, but the opportunity is there! While proactive service might not be easy, it can be summarized in a three-step approach.
Finally, you’re going to get a bad review. You can’t please every one every time. What do you do? 10 Steps To Glowing Customer Service Reviews And Survey Results (Even If You Just Got Slammed)
Ten steps to help you improve your scores on customer service surveys, significantly and sustainably. The time to start is now.

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