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Customer Service – Dealing With Rude Customers; 5 Other Good Reads

Customer Service – Dealing With Rude Customers; 5 Other Good Reads

There’s always one. The one customer that takes the fun out of your job. Never mind the regulars that ask about your family or holiday, or the pleasant faceless customers. That one rude customer can affect your whole day. A Florida Starbucks had to deal with one recently. How do you deal with rude customers? Here’s 3 Ways to Deal With Rude Customers

Other great reads this week on customer service:

From Good to Great: A Guide to Amazing Customer Service

There are six customer service best practices that deliver the highest levels of satisfaction and quality, which ultimately result in customer loyalty and overall business success. Consider implementing these tips into your customer service strategy for amazing results.

Dare to Care, Dare to Be Great in Customer Service

The author shares three stories of customer service experiences to demonstrate that customer service reps should “treat people the way they would like to be treated when they are the customer”.

Customer Service is the Ultimate Survival Skill for Businesses

Far too many companies concentrate on their product but have a poor grasp of the quality of their service. Their CEOs can’t possibly be experiencing their own companies’ treatment of customers or they wouldn’t be bragging about it.

Make Solving Problems your Business

Whether your business is large or small, implementing (a problem solving) process will make a difference. Your customers will be your best advertisement as they will tell their friends how your company handled their issue.

Putting the Customer First is Just Good Business

Today, it’s not just about satisfying customers but delighting them … everything else is secondary.

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