Speaker. Coach. Trainer. Add now to those titles – Referee.

I have been asked to speak to a group. To paraphrase the email asking me to speak, “I believe the emails we’re sending have too much stuff and are too busy. Can you speak to our association, give them some tips on email design and tell them I’m right?” Again, paraphrased. It wasn’t that blunt but reading between the lines, that’s what it said.

There are best practices for email design. Here’s a checklist for success.

Single-column template: Choose a template that looks great on mobile.

Subject line: Use 50 characters or less, emphasize first 32-40 characters to account for mobile.

Constant-Contact-Template-ExampleFrom name: Use a recognizable ‘from name’ and email address.

Preheader: Focus on the first 5-8 words to entice people to open your email.

Logo placement: Place logo at the top of your email.

Fonts: Use fewer than 3 fonts.

Fewer than 3 images: Don’t overdo it. Use 1-3 images.

20 lines of text or less: Keep your copy concise with 20 lines of text or less.

Action above the scroll: Include a primary call to action for people to take.

No more than 3-5 links: Position your most important links at the top of your email.

Use social media buttons: Make it easy to connect with you on social media.

Use this checklist for your next email and, I guess, to solve the next email design argument in your office.

~ Stephen

Adapted from Constant Contact Best Practice Guide.