Each week, we read a number of articles on email marketing from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Why email marketing in the first place?

Why You Should Start Using Email Marketing in 2018

Reasons why you should start using email marketing for your content marketing and SEO campaigns in 2018.

Small Business Guide to Email Marketing

What’s the most effective digital marketing tool? Many still swear by the humble email – but only if you do it right.

4 Email Marketing Tips: How to Create Engaging Emails and Get Them in the Right Hands

Read the article above to find out information on how to make the marketing emails you send out compelling and informative.

11 Ideas to Help Rejuvenate Your Email Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

An infographic looks at 11 newer email marketing trends and tools which can help add a new spin to your approach, and keep your audience engaged.

One best email practice? Automation. 6 Automation Rules to Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Performance

The above article focuses on automation rules, one of the most intriguing and challenging features that every respectable email autoresponder offers.

Mornings and Lunchtimes Worst Time to Ask People to Re-subscribe, Says Study

Report: Brands Miss the Boat on Email Acquisition

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