Each week, we read a number of articles on email marketing from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Email Marketing Strategy Plan

If you own a business and you need help with your email marketing strategy plan then you’ll appreciate the article above! Seven steps to plan the best email marketing strategy.

5 Ways to Get More Email Sign-Ups

How do you persuade customers to sign up for your email list? Use the five strategies in the article above to get more customers on your email list and keep them there longer.

How to Send Emails With More Confidence

Send Anxiety. It’s a real thing. Learn to keep your send anxiety in check with the tricks in the article above.

Why Nothing Matters More Than Your Email’s Subject Line

How to craft a subject line that gets your email opened and, even better, opens your customer’s mind to engagement.

Open This, [NAME]! Why Personalized Email Subject Lines Work

Want more clicks on a marketing email? Put the recipient’s name in the subject line. That’s according to experiments.

9 Steps to Write Email Copy that Converts

Getting your email copy down to fine art should be at the top of your priorities, and it could lead to a massive increase in leads. The article above has some of the secrets of how to increase your conversions through email marketing copy.

4 Email Ideas To Try Now

While written for the travel industry, these four email ideas can be applied to any industry. Read on and implement them into your email marketing strategy.

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