Monitoring Your Social Media

Social media marketing is easy. Post a picture of your purse or clothing or sandwich, house for sale, whatever product you sell. Done! With scheduling programs and the ability to schedule posts in Facebook, you can schedule those posts for weeks or months out and walk away. (In a seminar this past spring, a lady shared she was preparing for her maternity leave and scheduling all posts through the end of the year!)

Even better, link your social media platforms! Yes! So when you post on one, you post on all. (We’re being sarcastic. Really sarcastic! Don’t do that. Seriously, DO NOT DO THAT!)

If only…

While the posting may be easy, it’s only half of the task. What’s missing with many brands is the social aspect of social media. How many comments or questions go without response? How many times is a brand tagged and said tagged brand doesn’t acknowledge it? We tag people and brands in social media daily and are shocked how few – and by “few” we mean one or two even like the post or tweet they are tagged in.

Sales are lost. Tickets go unsold. One less person (plus their friends or family) attends your event because the social media account goes un-monitored. Look at this exchange.

If the museum hadn’t been monitoring the comments, it would have missed out on a visitor and the opportunity to promote a community festival.

Here is another person inquiring about the hours:

We just completed a series of Social Media To-Do Lists. We provided to-do lists for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. In hindsight, what was left off all of them was arguably the most important task – monitor the account. Monitor your social media.

Facebook – scroll through the page. Look for comments on and shares of the posts. If someone commented, like it. If it requires a reply, reply. If someone shared the post, like it. (Settings may not allow you to see everyone that shared your post.) Click “Notifications.” There you can also see likes, comments, shares, and ‘other activity.’ A great feature is “John Doe liked your picture. Help them see future posts by inviting them to like your page.” Great way to get new likes. Also check the Inbox. There are many times notifications have not informed us that there was engagement with a page we manage or even our page. Make it a habit to check once or twice a week.

Twitter – log in and check Notifications. You’ll see who has retweeted your tweet, liked it, or replied. If they retweeted, like it! If they replied, like it! If it requires a reply, reply. You’ll also see new followers. Tweet a “thanks for following” to them.

LinkedIn – ‘My Network’ will show you new connection invitations. Messaging shows you the direct messages customers or colleagues have sent to you. And Notifications shows comments on your posts. Accept the connection invites. Respond to the messages. And at the very least, like the comments.

Instagram – log in and tap the heart. That’s your notifications in Instagram. You’ll see those that liked your post, those that commented on your post, and those that mentioned you in a post or comment. Like a post that tagged you. Like a comment on your post or a comment that mentioned you.

Pinterest – log in and like a comment on your pin. Well, except this guy.

Obviously reply to a comment that inquires more about your product.

Answering the FAQ – “First (to be) Asked Question”… “But what if the comment is negative? Do I like that negative comment?” (Okay, that’s two questions.) We say ‘yes.’ That person took the time to engage with you. Furthermore, he gave you an opportunity to satisfy the customer and show your customer service to other customers. Many will see how you respond. Don’t debate the person online. Acknowledge the comment and get it off-line ASAP. “Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry you had that experience. Call me at 555-1234 and we’ll get this resolved.”

If one of your customers were to come in your store with a friend and say “I love this outfit! Lindsay, you have to see this!” You would enthusiastically shake their hand and thank them for the kind words and bringing in a new customer! It’s the same thing on social media. 5-10 minutes every or every other day will go a long way in retaining fans and showing you really care about customers!