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68 Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2020

68 Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2020

The world of marketing changes year to year; some channels month to month. What’s changed? Where should we focus? What new directions should we take? As we leap into a new decade, we’ve compiled 68 marketing trends and predictions for 2020.

Social Media. Email Marketing. Website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) And Customer Service. Here we go! Here’s what to expect!

22 Marketing Experts: Here’s What To Expect In 2020 – what’s the one thing that companies must focus on in 2020 relating to marketing? The experts weighed in. (Hint: social media, email, and website.)

Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 – content marketing can improve and strengthen your customers’ relationship with your business. Improve it more with social media, video, voice technology, and AR.

Social Media Predictions for 2020 – Which social media platform is the fresh one that is about to get popular? Which is going to die? Experts have drawn some conclusions and predict some things that will change.

6 Key Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020 – because social media is so popular (and one of the things you must focus on in the next year – see above,) here’s another prognosis of where things are headed.

Where Social Media is Headed in 2020 –  one more on social! Here’s a breakdown of the four leading platforms and ways to promote your business on them in 2020.

5 Email Marketing Resolutions for 2020 – email is the steady channel with the best ROI – $44 for $1! Instead of trends, resolutions to make for your email marketing. (Perhaps the first is START email marketing?)

6 Email Tactics to Leave Behind in the New Year – okay, no trends or predictions, but to make sure you’re maximizing your email campaigns, the email tactics that no longer work.

Five Underrated SEO Trends To Know In 2020 – SEO probably changes more than any other marketing channel or strategy. Yes, more than Facebook ☺ These ‘trends’ are more strategies that have worked that can carry over into 2020.

11 Web Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond – you DO have a website yes? Facebook is NOT your website! Make your first goal to get a website. We’ll do it and incorporate these 11 trends. If you have one and it’s time for a refresh, we got ya!

5 Customer Experience Trends for 2020 and Beyond – probably should have led with customer service as that is so much a part of your brand. You can implement the other 63 trends above, but if the customer experience is poor, you’ll loose them as fast as you attracted them! Implement these practices first.

Best wishes for a profitable 2020! If you need assistance with any of the initiatives above, please let us know. We’d love to work with you. You can reach us through our Contact page.

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