You’ve started your social media accounts. You’re posting. You’re tweeting. You’re pinning. Starting to get proficient at Facebook. Even used a #hashtag in a tweet. Great! Let’s create a powerful platform, build a following and make meaningful connections!

Social Media PinHow to Create Powerful Social Network Platform in 8 Steps

Creating a social media network can be done quick by following certain unwritten rules and regulations. In the article above, the author compiled a list of 8 steps that you need to follow in the process.

How to Build a Huge Social Media Following—From an Adorable Bulldog with 3 Million Followers

The owners of Manny the Frenchie, have learned a lot about how to a create a social media footprint (or perhaps paw print) online. The article above is their best advice.

7 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections With Your Customers on Social Media

If you want to build lasting, meaningful connections with your customers on social media, take a look at the article above and the seven ways to make meaningful connections with your customers.

Here Are The Exact Words To Use On Social Media To Get More Customers

How you phrase your calls to action on social media can be the difference between just racking up impressions online and actually generating sales.

(And in a few months, we’ll see an article “The Most Overused Words on Social Media”)

8 Reasons Your Social Media Campaign Is Failing

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