You’ve started your social media accounts. You’re posting. You’re tweeting. You’re pinning. Starting to get proficient at Facebook. Even used a #hashtag in a tweet. You’re getting proficient. Take your social media to a new level with these 20 tips.

Social Media Pin

6 Strategies to Stand Out on Social Media

How does the team behind a new guitar pick stand out on social media? “Practice ‘genuine relationship marketing.'” The article has her other best tips.

5 Highly Effective Ways to Increase Social Media Shares

How can you boost your social media shares and in turn your engagement? Here are five tips to help you get there.

9 Types Of Social Media Content You Should Be Sharing

If you feel like social media is a constantly changing guessing game, you’re not alone. Writing compelling social posts that get engagement (or, on some sites, that get seen at all) takes a lot of time and effort. But there are things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself, one of which is to plan for a good mix of different kinds of social media content to share. Here are 9 types of social media content you should be sharing to get the most impact for your time.

How To Overcome The Growing Visibility Problem On Social Media

How can you overcome (the social media) visibility problem and continue (or start) seeing a return on your social media marketing investment?

To Get More Out of Social Media, Think Like an Anthropologist

We need to move from functional data management to a more holistic meaning-management mindset. Social media data is inherently qualitative and while it can and should be quantified for manageability, at some stage in the analysis it must be treated and represented as qualitative.

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