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Social Media Checklist for Instagram

Social Media Checklist for Instagram

As we look to keep up with social media daily, unfortunately, some weeks we are lucky if we can get to every outlet and give it the attention they deserve. Facebook comments. Messenger. Tweets we’re tagged in. Replies. Messages. Sharing our own comments. Following new people to expand our networks. Liking. Retweeting. Sharing. How do we keep up with it!?

Through a series of posts, we will provide a simple, weekly checklist that will allow you to remember what to do each week on or with each network. Create the to-dos each week. Knock them out. And see your business expand.

So far we’ve provided Social Media Checklists for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This checklist is for Instagram. With 500 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram offers an incredible reach! Strong female audience as 68% of Instagram users are female. And strong young audience as 59% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram; and 72% of teens use Instagram. With that potential reach, be sure to maintain your presence on Instagram.

Here’s your weekly Social Media Checklist for Instagram:

  • Post one photo per day. Need some creative ideas? We have 21 ‘like-driving’ ideas here.
  • Tag the location of your photo when applicable. Posts with a location get 79% more engagement.
  • Use appropriate hashtags in your descriptions. We give some hashtag how-tos here.
  • Follow 10 new people a day. If they’re courteous, they will follow you back, growing your reach.
  • Comment on five follower posts a day. This shows you are engaged with your followers.
  • Like 20-30 of your follower’s images per day. Again, this shows you are engaged with your followers.

Schedule 15-20 minutes per week to address these to-dos. You’ll see your engagement increase, network expand, reputation grow, website traffic increase, and business GROW…

Thanks for reading.