You’ve started your social media accounts. You’re posting. You’re tweeting. You’re pinning. Starting to get proficient at Facebook. Even used a #hashtag in a tweet. You’re getting proficient. Next steps – strategy. Targeting each demographic through social media. ROI. And video. We’ve compiled articles on each.

Social Media Pin

How To Boost Your Brand Through An Effective Social Media Strategy

So how can you implement an effective strategy in our current social landscape? While there’s definitely no cookie-cutter approach to this, (the article above has) some tips to keep in mind.

How to Market to Each Generation on Social Media [Infographic]

There are huge segments of social media users who want to hear from brands. Check out the infographic (in the article above) to learn more about how they’re using social networks and how you can target them more effectively.

Calculating Social Media ROI, Trickier Than You Think?

(The author has) come to realize there are a lot of reasons for organic social media to be tough to prove from an ROI standpoint and (has) them listed (in the article above.)

The 7 Videos Every Brand or Organization Needs For Social Media Marketing Success

So what kind of videos should you be posting to your social media channels? (The article has) the seven types of videos that entrepreneurs and marketers should fold into their marketing strategy, complete with examples from real small businesses and brands.

The Top 17 Social Media Trends in 2017, According To The Experts

Here’s what 20 social media experts predict as we put 2016 in the rearview mirror and look ahead to the trends that will impact social media marketing in 2017.

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