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Start A New Streak

Start A New Streak

I run. I also bike. I compete in duathlons where we run, bike, and then run again. (I don’t swim well enough to do triathlons.)

The past few years I have had nagging injuries that have kept me from consistently running and cycling. Hammy. Hip. Feet. I haven’t been able to do a duathlon for more than four years. (Blame the pandemic for part that!)

In the fall we figured out the most recent issues with my feet. After getting a new style of shoe (still Saucony) and a pair of insoles, the running became pain free! I was doing well! The conditioning came back and I was starting to log some good miles. I was feeling so good, I challenged myself to a streak – do some form of exercise every day in 2023! Even if that meant “just” 30 minutes on the elliptical. Get in the suggested 30 minutes of exercise per day, get the heart going, and break a sweat.

I was doing well! January ✔️ February ✔️ Then Spring Break.

We ran over to Branson for a quick getaway. Totally had fun! Friday, we shopped, ate, played putt-putt golf (a Branson tradition of ours,) ate, watched an amazing illusionist, ate, and saw sites. We got back to the hotel at 9:45 p.m. The fitness room closed at 10:00 p.m. Streak over! (I didn’t take proper gear for running outside and it was COLD and windy!)

Fast forward to last night. I pick up my daughter from volleyball practice and ask her how preparations are going for tryouts in a few weeks. My probing intended to motivate for her. “Dad, I got it! I don’t need the motivation!”

“Well, maybe it will motivate me to work out tonight.”

“Why do you need motivated? You run every night.”

“I’m just not feeling it now that the streak is over.”

“Dad it’s simple. Start a new streak!”

And I did.

Do you need to start a new streak?

You haven’t posted on social media.

You haven’t sent a marketing email.

You haven’t made a video.

You haven’t blogged.

You haven’t attended your networking group, service club, or a Chamber event.

You haven’t held a business card drawing.

You haven’t __________

“It’s simple. Start a new streak!”

Post. Email. Make a video. Blog. Go to a meeting. Call your best customers. Host an open house. Make up a reason to host an open house! Run a giveaway. Draw on the sidewalk. Write notes to your best customers.

All those simple things you used to do to promote your small business?

Start a new streak!