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Top Customer Service Reads Week of March 28

Top Customer Service Reads Week of March 28

How dedicated is your business to customer service? Are you SO dedicated you’ll add a new menu item just for one customer? Read how one restaurant show the true spirit of customer service, how to how to provide great customer service to millennials, and 17 other customer service tips to help you improve your customer service, increase your customer’s experience satisfaction, retain business and loyalty:

Restaurant Shows True Spirit of Customer Service

Read this letter to the editor and how dedicated one restaurant is to customer service!

How to Provide Great Customer Service to Millennials

Brands need to kick it up a notch to wow their millennial customers. Here are a few simple steps that will set your brand above the bar.

10 Reasons Organizations Fail To Deliver Great Customer Service

Surveys and studies indicate that companies are investing more today than ever before on customer service and the customer experience (CX). Yet, many studies are also indicating that customers aren’t seeing the results of this investment. How can this be? Here is a short list of 10 reasons why companies fail to deliver great customer service.

4 Keys to Customer Service that Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

What does “superior customer service” even look like to the modern customer? That’s what we explored in our latest interactive, 20 Customer Service Best Practices. You can check out the full interactive, but we’re giving you a sneak peek here at some of the major themes.

Abort the Mission Statement — 3 Keys to Customer Service

Don’t tell me you are so committed to all this wonderful customer service and then still let me go on as an unsatisfied consumer. Mission and vision statements don’t work — it is the employees that work, or in most cases, do not! Let’s first look at the only three things necessary for customer service to work. You can follow and live by these standards.

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