Tourism professionals at Convention and Visitors Bureaus – CVBs (or Destination Marketing Organizations – DMOs) are implementing some innovative programs to increase visitation in their destinations. We call them Tourism Best Practices.

Atlantic City

DMO Strategy

Atlantic County’s Plan to Promote Tourism Beyond Atlantic City

Atlantic County officials are embarking on a countywide marketing campaign for the first time in decades, arguing the area can no longer rely on Atlantic City’s brand alone to bring tourists and businesses to the region.

New Strategy Employed to Attract More Tourists

How the Abilene (Kansas) CVB is using social media to reach potential visitors and tourists.

What Is The X-factor That Celebrities Bring to Tourism Brands?

From Ranveer Singh to Deepika Padukone to Jennifer Aniston, travel and tourism brands are betting big on celebs. Here’s why

Should “Destination Marketing” be shelved for “Experiential Marketing”?

We Have Moved From Destination Marketing to Experiential Marketing: Singapore Tourism Board’s GB Srithar

Srithar talks about the tourism board’s various marketing initiatives and their new approach

Fireworks Tourism: New forms of Tourism and Destination Management based on the Experience Economy – Nanos Fireworks’ mark

Destinations like companies need now to script experiences for their audience that “dazzle their senses”, “engage them personally”, “touch their hearts” and “stimulate their minds” and concurrently let them be self- indulgent in their ‘fantasies, feelings and fun’. This destination marketing approach which is anchored on the experiential diversification is embraced by Nanos Fireworks.

New Tipperary Tourism Initiative Launched

A new tourism initiative has been launched by Tipperary Tourism. The aim is to showcase visitor experiences that Tipperary has to offer.

Other Best Practices

Little Rock Dazzles Tourism Professionals from Around the World During the ITMI Symposium

Ohio Visitor’s Bureaus Partner to Host Tour the Shore

Tourism Grants Awarded to Local Organizations, Events


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