Spring has sprung. Home improvement stores have stocked up on flowers, plants, and landscape materials. Time to clean out the dead leaves and spruce up the flower beds. Spring cleaning will take place in homes and some offices. Clean out the old and make room for the new. (Which will probably just sit until next year’s cleaning and be the old that is cleaned out.)

When it comes to your marketing, is there Spring Cleaning to be done? Perhaps there are some areas that you have not looked into for a while. “Dead leaves” to be cleaned out. Plant some new “marketing flowers” and see what blooms for your business. For your Spring Cleaning Marketing Check-list, start with these ten:


  • Are you monitoring your brand? Set up Google Alerts to find out what is being said about your company and your products. The free service sends you an email daily or at the frequency of your choosing. (Hint: schedule an Alert for your competition.)
  • Are you monitoring the review sites? Go through the review sites and see what is being said about you. If you are able, set the alerts to let you know when someone does leave a review. Bad reviews with no response from the company non-verbally shows you don’t care or the review is true.

There’s a new review site – ReviewSpot.us – that requires those leaving reviews to show an invoice or receipt, proving they did do business with the company, and thus screens fake reviews.


  • Review your Google Places listing. (You HAVE claimed your listing haven’t you?) A complete Google Places listing gives you an immediate edge when marketing to your local area.   Not only does it show up high in search results, if properly optimized, but it also allows for user reviews of your services and products.  Simply being listed gives you a boost in rankings for your main website and therefore leads to more traffic.


  • Take time to go through every page of your website. Search for any text or pictures that need or could be updated. Ensure everything is still current. If services or products are no longer offered, remove them. Do new services or products need to added to the site?
  • Rewrite the text on two or three pages. The stale content is being overlooked by search engines. Fresh copy will get their attention. Note 10 to 12 edits and do one per month. It will help with search.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Rewriting text will aid a little with your search results. Better yet is to have someone review your site to ensure it is being optimized to its fullest. Reach out to us to inquire about our SEO services.

Website Analytics

  • When is the last time you reviewed your analytics? Most used is Google Analytics. Look at traffic, traffic sources, demographics, visitor behavior and conversion rates. Read Constant Contact’s blog for more.


  • How truly effective are your email marketing campaigns? You should at least be reviewing the open rates. Compare the open rates with your subject lines, who (or what) was in the From line, and when the email was sent. Are more emails open when sent in the morning? Reduced open rate with the company name vs. the owners name? If you’re doing looking at any reports, start with open rates.

To dig a little deeper into your efforts, utilize the worksheet Constant Contact offers here.

Social Media

  • Similarly to the review of emails, which tweets generated the most interaction? What posts had the highest reach? Once you identify the more engaging posts, you can either reuse them if not dated, or keep with posts in that style to drive more interaction with your followers or fans.


  • Survey your customers to learn how your marketing can be more effective. How do they like to be communicated with? What tools are they using? When do they check their email? When do they check their favorite social media? What IS their favorite social media? What do they want from your communications? How can you help them? Start with those. They’ll give you a basic understanding of your customer base.

Those 10 Spring Cleaning to-dos are very inexpensive. Only two require any payments. (SEO and the Survey tool through Constant Contact.) Sure, they all require time but you’ll gain so many insights that will help you weed out the old initiatives that will allow better initiatives, and your customers and business to blossom.