The most read marketing column on our website the past two years has been 21 Creative Facebook Post Ideas. We can only assume that readers in both 2018 and 2019 were searching for more ideas of what to post on the social media outlet beyond product pictures. Either that or the rest of our blog posts are not worth reading. 😉

Again, on the assumption that small business owners are seeking creative post ideas, we challenged ourselves to come up with another 21. We did it!

Again, encouraging the 70/20/10 rule, here’s 21 MORE creative Facebook post ideas:

  • Discounts or Promotions. Not sure why we left this off the first list, but if you are able to offer some discount or coupon, do so. (One trick – they only get the coupon via email encouraging them to sign up for your ‘newsletter.’ This expands your database!)
  • What You Are Reading. Give a little glimpse into your personal time. Got a page-turner you can’t put down? Share. I’m sure you’ll get others to share and you might just find your next read.
  • Share a Tip or Trick. Who knew we were using ketchup cups wrong!? If there’s a handy dandy tip related to your product, share it.
  • Day In The Life. Attend interesting meetings? Testing a new product? Visiting a new plant or distribution center? Tweet throughout the day and give followers a glimpse of a Day In Your Life.
  • Assembled a few interesting stats that might be of interest to your peers or customers, instead of a bullet-point list, create an infographic.
  • Free Resource. A local bank frequently offers Shred Days. Tax preparation assistance. Fan giveaways in the summer or blanket giveaways in the winter. These show your connection to the community, that you’re giving and caring, and saves your customers money. (More money to spend with you!)
  • Contest or Giveaway. Again, not sure why we left this off the first list, but let customers name the new pizza or guess the number of tongue depressors in the jar. Winner gets X.
  • Comic or Meme. Find a funny meme about tacos AND you’re a Mexican restaurant. Share.


  • Trending Topics. What’s your thought on a trending topic? Share. But be careful! Too controversial and you could alienate half of your audience.
  • Viral Photos. Similar to Trending Topics. “This is too good not to share” if it’s really funny or inspirational.
  • Random Thought. One of the best tweets recently was when @wmharris101 tweeted “In my 35 years of life, I’ve yet to experience a Reese’s cup that came off the wrapper perfectly clean. Am I alone here, or am I just doing it wrong 😂?” Totally random. Funny. And accurate! What is the deal Reese’s?

  • “Don’t you just hate it when…” don’t be as idiotic as the gal complaining about cookies (NSFW), but if it’s a common sentiment that will get people replying or commenting “Agree!” then share.
  • Ask About Fans. “24 percent of Americans run. Are you part of that 24 percent?” Find out more about your fans. Hey, it could help you define your target demographics better!
  • Thank Your Fans. Sure, say thank you at Thanksgiving. What about April 10th or another totally random day of the year.
  • Blog Snippets. 10 ways to save electricity and money. That’s 10 posts. Not just one!
  • Your Story. I heard the CEO of Paycom speak. Had a very interesting and funny introduction into payroll and HR. He thought he was interviewing with ADT not ADP. Have a similar story? Share.
  • Awards or Nominations. Best Place to Work. Entrepreneur of the Year. There’s eight national awards and I’m sure many more locally you can apply for.
  • Your staff take a day off and sort food at the food bank? Wrap gifts at Christmas? Help build a Habitat house? Take a pic or short video and show your giving back.
  • Parking Instructions. Admittedly it might be difficult to park in your district. Show where the public parking is in relation to your store or office.

  • Quick video with a business coach or, if she answered five questions via email, share them. One at a time. That’s five posts not one. Drive them to your website for the other four.
  • We’ve mentioned videos. Absolutely start thinking video! About what? We have 20 content ideas here and 22 more here.

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