Customer service is at an all-time low and customer satisfaction in dealing with a product or service issue is just as low, about 40 percent. Two of three consumers are likely to experience rage during an interaction with a customer service rep. In addition, 63 percent of consumers are likely to experience no satisfaction whatsoever in dealing with a product or service complaint. For retailers the outcome is not good as it is putting about $202 billion in revenue at stake and can slash consumer repeat business and loyalty to shreds.

If you’re looking to improve your customer service, two authors have penned great articles. In this collection we also include lessons from poor customer service and spotlight the Hall of Shame – the truly worst of the worst. But first the positive:

The 10 Golden Rules of Customer Service

Follow these best practices to make better decisions and keep your customers happy.

Seven Ways To Sharpen Your Customer Service Edge

It’s always valuable to invest in activities that can help you maintain and sharpen your customer service edge. (In the article above) are seven ways to regain or further hone your customer service edge.

On Marketing: It’s Time to Up Our Customer Service Game

A lesson in exemplary customer service and how our natural reflex to abide by Parkinson’s Law is preventing us from advancing the practice of customer service and helping our business stand out from the crowd.

And here’s an example of horrendous customer service – The Value of Good Customer Service

Finally, 24/7WallSt has announced their Customer Service Hall of Shame.

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