Each week, we read a number of articles regarding social media from online sources. Below, the top reads from the following week:

Social Media PinConsumer Trust In Social Media Is Declining: Here’s How Brands Should Change Their Strategies

Trust in social media has taken a hit. Clearly, it’s time for a new approach. Here are some actions companies should be taking to rebuild trust and re-establish their authority.

Another trend in social media a churning. How Should Businesses Cope With Social Media Churn?

The key to reducing churn rate is concentrating on what matters: your audience.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Customer Base

The lifeblood of any business is its customers, and social media offers ways to reach many potential customers and ways to maintain relationships with existing ones. Here are some strategies to consider for several social media platforms — as well as a few things to not do.

7 Powerful Pinterest Strategies to Implement Right Now [Infographic]

Are you considering investing time and money into a Pinterest marketing campaign? Want to know the key strategies that can lead you towards success?

Top 5 KPIs Social Media Marketers Need to Track and Improve

While there are hundreds of performance metrics you can track on social media, key performance indicators measure how well your efforts translate into meaningful business results. The article above has the top five indicators to track and improve.

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