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Top Marketing Reads of 2019

Top Marketing Reads of 2019

What were your peers reading in 2019? Last year we reviewed the Top Marketing Reads of 2018. Somewhat surprising, five of the most-read Back To You Blogs in 2018 are in the 2019 Top 10. The top 2 are the same!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Counting down the Top-10 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019.

#10 – Social Media Checklist for Twitter – In this post, we provide a daily and weekly check-list for the busy marketing person that wants to stay up-to-date on Twitter.

#9 – Social Media Checklist for Instagram – In this post, we provide a daily and weekly check-list for the busy marketing person that wants to stay up-to-date on Instagram.

#8 – Five Things You Should Be Doing on Social Media, But Aren’t – While almost four years old, this article is a steady reminder that there’s more to social media than “post and run.”

#7 – Does Your Customer Service Skill Set Include _____ – As much emphasis as we place on customer service, delighted to see two articles on customer service on the list. This one proposes one skill should your customer service skill set should include.

#6 – Monitoring Your Social Media – Similar to ‘Five Things…’ above. A reminder that arguably the most important task of social media management is monitoring the account(s).

#5 – Email Marketing Plan For A Year – An email marketing plan for the entire year? We laid one out for you in early 2019.

#4 – “E-Newsletter” Boring! Rename It! – Probably because the subject of “newsletters” comes up in seminars and Stephen refers so many to this blog with 35 ideas for creative email names other than “Newsletter.”

#3 – Making the 2nd Mile 2nd Nature – The second of two articles in the top 10 on customer service. It is THE difference between you and your competitor!

#2 – An Email Marketing Plan for RV Parks – Repeat at #2 and again, surprised us, especially due to it being specific to one industry. We wrote it by request for Camp Colorado – the RV association, but with a little tweaking, this can be a plan for any business or industry.

And now…


#1 – 21 Creative Facebook Post Ideas – Repeating at #1, clearly there is interest in creative social media post ideas. We’re on it in 2020! We’ll challenge the team to come up with another list.

If you have ideas for articles, please share them. We want to be writing about YOUR needs and answering YOUR questions.

Thanks so much for reading! Let the 2020 countdown begin!

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