Do I even need to get into how bad 2020 has been for small businesses? Yelp reports 60% of small businesses that closed during the pandemic have closed permanently!! 60% PERMANTLY!! I just heard today that the restaurant with my favorite nachos is closing. RIP Fusion Nachos.

If you’re hanging on and are looking to 2021 to start anew, we’ve identified 9 marketing strategies for you to hit refresh on, commit to, or undertake in 2021 to start strong and launch a comeback. Cue The Comeback by Danny Gokey!

Refocus Your Brand Strategy …or if you haven’t written one, write one. Four statements: one that you understand the customer, one about who you are, your benefits to the customer, and the reason the customer should use you. Then be consistent about the customer experience with you and your staff.

Refresh Your Website – When was the last time you updated the content on the site? If you have to think about it, it’s been too long. To make your website work for you in 2021, focus on these 10 things. And add THIS to your home page.

Commit to Blogging – A blog is one of the simplest ways to increase your site’s search results. Here’s five simple ways to increase your site’s visibility, traffic, and results through your blog. Need ideas? Here’s search-boosting ideas.

Speaking of search…

Work on Search Engine Optimization (improving your website’s organic search results) – There’s five simple SEO tasks you can do yourself.  If you haven’t invested in SEO work, you might consider it – especially if competition is sitting idle, but start with those five first.

Start Search Engine Marketing – Google Ads is not hard! You can get through “the auction” and increase visibility of your website. We went in depth as to what they are and how they work, then tips to creating effective search ads.

Refresh Your Social Media – Let me guess. It’s either gone dormant or you’ve run out of ways to say “We’re hurting! We REALLY need your business!” If it’s gone dormant, re-commit to posting at least three times a week. Follow a Monday-Wednesday-Friday, Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule. If you need new ideas, we have 21 creative ideas here, and 21 more here.

Reboot Your Email Marketing …or have you ever started your email marketing program? Email has the best ROI – $44 for $1! You WILL see results. Set up your account with Constant Contact and then follow our Email Marketing Plan For The Year.

Focus on Your Reviews – Three ways to do so: Ask for them. Start with your closest friends, church small group, and best customers. Respond to any reviews that may have been posted – ESPECIALLY the negative ones. People want to see how you respond to negative reviews. They’re not turned off by the negative reviews. Claim your listings on Yelp and your industry specific review site. Then follow steps one and two.

Check Your Perspective – Is it doom and gloom? Understandable. But is this the time to learn something new? Is this the time to get something done you’ve been putting off? Is this the time to update a process so it runs better or yields better results? Your perspective may be the difference between the success or failure of your website.

Need help with any of the above, we’re here for you. Contact us about special 2021 Comeback Pricing on the above services.


This is your time Your moment The fire The fight You’re golden

You’ve come so far Keep going Oh here comes the comeback