What were you and your peers reading in 2021? Always interesting to review the top marketing reads. It helps us determine what we need to be prepared to coach on and write about in the next year. Clearly, you’re looking for content ideas! Our top 5 posts are creative social media post ideas and e-newsletter name ideas. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

To the countdown…

#10 – 7 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Email – combine the two powerful marketing tools and BAM! We share 7 ways the two initiatives work together to reach more customers.

#9 – 10-Step Promotion Plan – a popular seminar and a popular blog post. It’s our easy, 10 step plan to help you execute a promotion and have the most success ever!

#8 – 9 Marketing Strategies for a Comeback – after all the shutdowns in 2020, small business needed a comeback in 2021. We shared 9 #BTYTips and marketing strategies for that comeback.

#7 – Making the 2nd Mile 2nd Nature – a blog on customer service? But when it’s advice from the CEO of Chick fil A, you know it’s Top-10 worthy!

#6 – Support Local – Share and Retweet Local – An ‘Aha’ we had earlier this year – perhaps the easiest way to support local businesses was to share and retweet social media posts. This was our challenge. Did you accept it?

#5 – More Creative and Engaging Instagram Post Ideas – you and others were looking for creative post ideas as this Top-5 will indicate. Here’s our ideas for Instagram.

#4 – Even More Creative Names To Rename Your E-Newsletter – we preach “no one wants to sign up for your newsletter. ‘Newsletter’ is boring! ‘The Cat’s Meow’ however, that’s enticing!” This was our sequel to the popular…

#3 – “E-Newsletter” Boring! Re-name It! – the original post is still popular. We share 35 creative names to rename your e-newsletter.

#2 – Even More Creative Facebook Post Ideas – back to the creative social media ideas! Our third offering of Facebook post ideas. (The 2nd list is here.) And…

For the fourth year in a row!

#1 – 21 Creative Facebook Post Ideas – the original list at the top of the list for the fourth year in a row! (Maybe the BTY team needs to get started on a fourth list?)

Thank you for reading! Not just this fun post, but the 10 above. Thank you for trusting us as a resource for how to better your marketing! We don’t take that responsibility lightly.

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